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GCSE Graphic Products

Controlled Assessment Task Sheet

Investigate                                 8 marks                 4 hours

Analysing the Brief: What things/information do you need to know about to undertake the task? Produce a   Spider gram/thought shower/rich picture/mind map of all the things that could affect you designing.

Research: Questionnaire, product analysis/existing product. Manufacturing processes.


Summarise your findings

Design Specification: Bullet point list – What has your product got to do, who has it got to do it to and how is it going to do it.

Design, Develop, Plan.              32 marks              16 hours

Initial ideas: be creative. Produce a range of different designs (3 – 6). A bit more research into different designers could give you some inspiration.

Reviewing ideas: which is best and satisfy the criteria of your specification?

Developing ideas: modify and revise until you have reached the best possible design solution. Use every resource CAD/CAM, modelling-and remember to photograph anything that might be 3 dimensional and won’t fit in you folder.

Product Specification: More detailed than the design specification – include full detailed working drawings, a list of materials, colours, finishes and assembly instructions.

Production Plan: Plan your making. Show the different stages of manufacture in the correct order + when and what quality control checks will take place.

Make                                          32 marks            16 hours

Photograph all stages of making

For your prototype you should demonstrate that you can select and use:

·         Appropriate tools and equipment

·         Appropriate processes, methods and techniques

·         Appropriate quality control

The finished product should be: Accurately assembled

·         Well finished

·         Fully functional

Test and Evaluate                    12 marks             6 hours


Testing: Check the performance of the product. Justify each test and explain why it is important.

Evaluation:  This should occur throughout the project and should be recorded at the time. The final evaluation should summarise all your earlier conclusions and comment on the effectiveness of your outcome

Communication                        6 marks                 3 hours

This is about how clearly your folder communicates your design intensions and how well you have explained what you have done and how well you have done it.

It’s a story; it should flow and have lots of pictures.

Total:                                          90 marks             45 hours

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