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In this section you will find all the resources you need for the carousel (years 7,8 and 9). 

Topics covered are:

YEAR 7 and 8 - Computing, Food Studies, Graphics and Resistant Materials

YEAR 9 - Computing, Food Studies, Resistant Material and Textiles.

You will also find lots of lesson resources and extra help for the GCSE option choices of: 

  • Food Technology 
  • Resistant Materials






Key Stage 3
Key Stage 4
  • Revision for Resistant Materials   -   GCSE  Mock -   2015




    1.  You have been given the context for Part A of the paper:   TASK LIGHTS.  Make sure you revise suitable materials, power sources and bulb types so you can add specific detail to your design ideas.  Practice sketching a variety of shapes of lights around your home, (table lights, torches, adjustable lights etc).


    1. There are always questions on Production Methods so look at cutting and shaping techniques for WOOD, METAL and PLASTICS.


    • Wood:  Sawing, Routing, Sanding etc.

    • Plastic:  Moulding, bending, shaping, Polishing etc.

    • Metal:  Cutting, Bending, Casting etc.


    1. There are always questions about fixing things together.


    •   Wood:  Adhesives and Glues.  Wood Joints.

    •   Plastics:  Adhesives.  Fixings etc.

    •   Metal:   Riveting.  Nuts and Bolts, Welding/Brazing etc.


    1.  There are usually questions about  “SMART MATERIALS”


    1.  You will have to say how you would add FINISH to something made of a material.


    • Wood:  Varnish, Paint, Wax etc.

    • Metal:   Powder coating, Plating/Galvanising, Paint etc.


    1.  There is usually a question on Symbols and Logos found on products for information and Health & Safety purposes.





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